Curated Club Deal Program

amilies increasingly prefer to invest in opportunities on a deal-by-deal basis rather than committing to a traditional blind-pool fund. McCombie Group’s Curated Club Deal Program empowers families to create their own personalized private equity portfolio by selectively choosing the deals they feel comfortable participating in.

McCombie Group has invested the resources to identify and cultivate relationships with hundreds of top independent sponsors from across the US, all with successful experience at marquee private equity funds. We then independently underwrite each transaction and periodically present a select number of recommended opportunities, along with an objective due diligence report. We are condent in our ability to identify compelling opportunities that generate incremental value. Not only do we personally invest out-of-pocket in all of our recommendations, we also tie our compensation to outperforming relevant benchmarks.


McCombie Group maintains relationships with a network of over 250 independent sponsors (IS) and counting. We interview, assess, and grade each one based on a variety of factors. Each sponsor has a successful track record at a top private equity fund, with deep subject matter expertise within their relevant industry and strategy. Collectively, these savvy deal originators afford us access to a wider range of potential investments, allowing us to be ultra-selective. As an example, nearly all of our recommended opportunities come without an investment banker or broker involved.

The average sponsor reviews between 50 and 100 deals to result in a single successful transaction. We recommend less than 5% of these presented opportunities. This allows us to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns by selectively recommending only the absolute “best of the best” opportunities (approximately 1 out of 1,000).