Investment Partnership

If you’re investing a significant amount of your money, shouldn’t you expect to design the terms and structure?

or families seeking to deploy large amounts of capital, we can serve as their captive private investment team. After understanding their specific objectives and preferences, we collaboratively design a plan of action to identify, pursue, and manage compelling opportunities. While our team has the capability to run the deal from start to finish, we afford our families the flexibility to be as much or as little involved as they wish. The family remains in the driver’s seat regarding all major decisions, including governance, hold-period, legal structure, and service providers utilized.

Private equity funds and club deals require investors to fully relinquish control to a general partner, relegating them to passively writing checks. Most families have significant expertise and value-add that can contribute to an investment’s success– By selectively engineering the right collaborative partnership, the value potential for all parties can be dramatically bolstered.