McCombie Group grows, capitalizes, and transitions middle-market family businesses with $20 to $400 million of revenues. With an emphasis on preserving values and legacy, we provide a customized comprehensive solution and access to long-term family office capital. We add value and align our interests by investing our time, resources, and capital into our client-partners’ success.


PURCHASING McCombie Group optimizes the purchasing process so that clients realize both immediate savings and long-term cost reductions. Based on extensive negotiation training at Harvard Law School, we can also work with clients to imbed the purchasing mindset across an organization.

Supply Chain

SUPPLY CHAIN We help clients improve efficiency and sustain their competitive advantage by developing strategies that improve supply chain performance.  Today’s businesses need proven solutions that can be rapidly deployed and quickly implemented.  Our best practices increase reliability and decrease cycle times, ultimately lowering costs while improving customer service.


PRICING Pricing is often an underdeveloped skill but a powerful tool to quickly boost profitability. Typically a 1 percent improvement in pricing can lead to a 14 percent improvement in operating profit. McCombie Group uses state-of-the-art analytical models to help clients understand the market and competitive dynamics that affect pricing decisions.


BRANDING Across most industries, brands are a key success factor to excelling in the marketplace. For McCombie Group, the key to this challenge is the customer– We take a customer-focused and value-based approach to branding. The overall aim of strategic brand management is to accumulate brand value and transform it into inimitable, stable brand assets.…

Sales Channel / Distribution Optimization

SALES CHANNEL / DISTRIBUTION OPTIMIZATION Companies have a limited number of levers to drive growth. With the proliferation of new sales channels and technology-enabled selling, most companies now have the opportunity to transform their selling organizations. A properly designed low-cost sales platform can actually drive incremental revenue. McCombie Group can work with clients to develop…