Shrinking margins are forcing companies to look for ways to grow their businesses, while actively reducing costs. McCombie Group’s approach balances state-of-the-art segmentation techniques with business intuition to quickly develop actionable market insights so you can sell the right product at the right price. We also help clients optimize marketing & sales expenditures through rigorous internal analysis of current capabilities, cost structures, and resource allocations, all coupled with external assessments of consumer purchasing pattern trends.

Innovation and Product Development

Innovation plays a decisive role in keeping a company one step ahead of its competitors. In a globalized and more competitive environment, a comprehensive approach to product development is required. We combine extensive experience in product development with proven capabilities in market research, benchmarking, and analysis to help companies formulate new product concepts, assess product development capabilities, and streamline development operations. We work with clients to improve and leverage their strengths to capitalize on market opportunities, identify synergies between products to maximize value creation, reduce development time and costs, and create products that drive long-term growth and profitability.

Sales Channel / Distribution Optimization

Companies have a limited number of levers to drive growth. With the proliferation of new sales channels and technology-enabled selling, most companies now have the opportunity to transform their selling organizations. A properly designed low-cost sales platform can actually drive incremental revenue. McCombie Group can work with clients to develop go-to-market strategies tailored for each customer segment. In conjunction, we can design an implementation plan that takes into account the roles, skills, and organizational capabilities required for a client’s success.


Across most industries, brands are a key success factor to excelling in the marketplace. For McCombie Group, the key to this challenge is the customer– We take a customer-focused and value-based approach to branding. The overall aim of strategic brand management is to accumulate brand value and transform it into inimitable, stable brand assets. There are two prerequisites to building and growing a valuable brand: a distinct value proposition and persistent and creative brand communication via all marketing channels.


Pricing is often an underdeveloped skill but a powerful tool to quickly boost profitability. Typically a 1 percent improvement in pricing can lead to a 14 percent improvement in operating profit. McCombie Group uses state-of-the-art analytical models to help clients understand the market and competitive dynamics that affect pricing decisions.

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