McCombie Group works with clients to formulate strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented in highly uncertain business environments—while also managing the risks. Dynamic strategic thinking is necessary to ensure success. When you retain a strategic advisor, you are hiring someone’s discretion and judgment. McCombie Group utilizes a comprehensive toolkit of approaches to provide clients with our best estimates of the future landscape and its implications– Ultimately, rendering specific recommendations on how best to prioritize resources and time to successfully capture unfolding opportunities. Areas of strategic expertise include corporate strategy, regulatory strategy, and risk management.
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Risk Management

Today’s economic volatility is compelling managers to seriously assess their aggregate exposures to a variety of possible events. Best-in-class businesses do not just minimize risk, they manage it by consciously balancing the optimal risk-return trade-offs. New sophisticated insurance and joint-venture arrangements enable firms to selectively own only those risks for which they are the natural owner and to offload or mitigate all others. “What keeps you up at night?” Whether it’s statistically predictable events or ‘once in a century’ tail-risk, McCombie Group can assist with identifying and addressing unwanted risk concentrations. While the future is never predictable, our robust analytics provide clients with the best possible information to confidently make educated strategic decisions.

Regulatory Strategy

Now more than ever, government policies and actions fundamentally impact our competitive landscape (both positively and negatively), whether as regulator, customer, or even competitor. Most companies view the environment passively, rather than developing a proactive strategy to deal with these issues. Because tremendous value is at stake, managing sociopolitical and regulatory issues has become a top priority for CEOs across numerous industries. Our Harvard Law trained principals guide clients in identifying the governmental and regulatory trends that matter and assist in developing an active approach that deals with reputation, regulation, and relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.

Corporate Strategy

Strategy is about perpetuating sustainable competitive advantages. It begins with an objective assessment of the market landscape and your capabilities, and ends with tactical answers to the fundamentals of business: “when, where, how, and with what” do I compete. Shareholder value is created by choosing the right products and services, extracting value from other stakeholders, competing successfully to gain market share, and even selectively cooperating to enlarge the potential market. Most strategic decisions are dynamic and interdependent—the best strategies for our clients often depend on the choices made by their competitors, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders (e.g., regulators). Executives recognize these interdependencies but don’t always know how to systematically describe, predict, and capitalize from these insights.

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