Direct Investments

Drawing on our extensive relationships with influential families, we selectively invest long-term capital into established family-owned operating businesses where we have experience and can build enduring value. In every investment, we respect the culture and independence that made a business successful in the first place.

We partner with talented management teams to transform already successful companies into significantly larger and more competitive businesses. Rather than just write a check, we leverage the collective knowledge and influence of our accomplished executive partners — the same proven capabilities that contributed to the success of their enterprises. We have unrivaled investment flexibility, enabling us to present creative deal structures that accommodate each owner’s needs.

Investment Criteria

Sector Focus


Business Services


Industrial Dealerships

Maintenance & Repair

Niche Manufacturing


Financial Metrics


Family or founder-owned business

$1 – $10MM in profit

Stable operating margins

Deal Structure

Value-oriented owners seeking flexible options

Owners looking to retire or obtain liquidity

Growth capital

Buyouts staged over time

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We oversee a competitive search process to obtain the most advantageous financing terms and conditions

Virtual Buyout

Owners can retire without having to sell or lose control of their business, by transferring operations to McCombie Group

Seller Advisory

Vigorously representing owners in the sale of their business to maximize both value and fit