Giving Back

We’re blessed to be living the American Dream.  We feel a deep responsibility to support causes and organizations in our community that ensure others receive that same opportunity. 

Community Involvement Private Equity Firm Miami Consulting Firm

Community Involvement

The same strategic and operational advice that we offer middle-market businesses is directly transferable to helping nonprofits operate at their full potential and to maximize their impact.  Given our commitment to the community, we assist a selective number of nonprofits at a significantly reduced rate. 

We focus our charitable efforts around causes that improve human resiliency and maximize opportunity.

Veterans sacrificed so much, including their prime working years, to defend our values.  Aside from donating to the Wounded Warrior Project, we prioritize hiring veterans and advocate amongst our partners to consider doing the same.

Anybody can experience set backs.  We believe the solution to homelessness is empowering individuals to achieve long-term self-sufficiency.  We assisted Chapman Partnership with designing its strategic plan, with a focus on addressing residents’ roadblocks to becoming job-ready.

Adequate basic mental healthcare is foundational to ensuring our neighbors are resilient.  We assisted Banyan Health in performing financial and operational diagnostics to ensure it earns sufficient margins to continue its mission.

Let’s invest in the fabric of our community.

If you’re involved with a relevant cause that could benefit from our help, please contact us:

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