Welcome to the McCombie Group tribe filled with entrepreneurial owners with a bias for action.

We are intense by choice.  Our core philosophy and values best describe what it’s like to work for us:

  • What would we advise if it were our own family’s business?
    • Relentless pursuit of excellence
    • Obsessed with improving- 1% better every day
    • Play the long game and plant seeds
    • Get sh*t done
    • Entrepreneurial owners

Our core team is supplemented by senior advisors, who are frequently retired senior executives that have the desire to commit their expertise to meaningful project-based assignments.  We provide an opportunity for them to play on a hungry winning team that will not waste your time. Ultimately, you’ll have the chance to work on exciting and challenging projects that have a real impact.  If you’d like to further discuss, please contact us today.

We offer South Florida students a variety of internship opportunities to gain real-world experience in investment banking, consulting, and private equity. 

Run towards your future.

Who should apply

Our internships are typically for undergraduate Juniors and Seniors majoring in Finance, Accounting, or another Business area. 

Program length

Our internships require a full-time commitment from Monday through Friday and typically range from 12-26 weeks long.

How to apply

Explore the open opportunities listed below. For additonal information or to submit your resume, please email:

The starting line is here.

Fall Analyst Intern

Assist the firm’s senior leadership with performing financial and operational analyses and various kinds of research.  Opportunity to have an impact across M&A, management consulting, and private equity.

Marketing Intern

Grow with a team to conceptualise and execute marketing initatives through different marketing channels including content, email, and social media platforms.

The McCombie Internship Experience

Private Equity Firm Career Internship Miami

Receiving mentorship from senior members of the firm represented a meaningful experience as I was learning quickly and developing invaluable skills. The high level of engagement from senior members with its junior team confirmed their commitment to reinvigorate each individual’s personal development and growth.

– Jacob Posada

What attracted me most to McCombie Group was the culture of the office. It was great to work with such a supportive, driven, and humble group of people who truly treated me like a valued member of the team.
Learning and growing came naturally when so many people had my back.

– Philippe Marcoux

Private Equity Career Finance Career Miami

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