Investment decisions are only as good as the people making them, which is why we have invested in a team of absolute top talent. Comprised of fresh, nimble thinkers, McCombie Group brings passionate energy to every assignment. With backgrounds in law, corporate finance, and strategy, we bring a comprehensive skillset, which allows us to confidently serve our clients. Our professionals have been educated and trained in our nation’s most prestigious institutions, and have a combination of top-tier consulting/investment banking experience with several years of relevant industry work.

McCombie Group provides access to extensive expertise beyond our core team. When appropriate, our internal resources are supplemented by a proprietary network of subject matter experts. These professionals are typically retired C-suite executives or former consulting partners with the necessary depth and experience to enable us to confidently serve a broad array of asset classes and industries. Additionally, our family base collectively has a wide range of business interests and is typically willing to share their relevant knowledge, experience, and influence, as appropriate. This innovative working arrangement enables even the most sophisticated clients to access broader, higher quality expertise than individually possible.

We have achieved great success in serving a variety of clients across their investment and corporate development needs. Our high-caliber strategic and transactional solutions have been applied to businesses and investments large and small, ranging from under $2 million to in excess of $1 billion. As highlighted in our case studies below, we pride ourselves in advising our clients across a wide assortment of their business interests, spanning various industries, asset classes, and sizes.

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