Selling Your Business with Confidence

We are very excited to announce that this October, David McCombie’s new book, Selling Your Business with Confidence, will be published on Amazon! 


Retiring Baby Boomers are creating a Silver Tsunami and over 70% of the 200,000 US mid-market businesses (between $10 million and $1 billion in sales) are expected to sell in the coming decade.  For most owners, this is the first and only time they will ever sell a business.  Because the stakes are so high (the business generally represents 80-90% of their net worth) the sale process becomes an emotional and psychological rollercoaster. 

Anxiety can significantly be reduced, and the odds of a successful outcome improved if you fully understand the business sale process, what to expect, and the implications of the range of options so you can confidently navigate the process. This is why I wrote the book.

Selling Your Business with Confidence helps middle-market business owners and their ecosystem of advisors to understand and gain confidence navigating the M&A process, by covering the following topics:

  • Sale process explained in detail – both the mechanics and the why
  • Range of available options and their implications
  • Roles and expectations of the various deal team members, expected fees, and factors to prioritize when selecting them
  • Typical vocabulary in deal process including names and explanations of various legal documents
  • Understanding your counterparty’s (i.e. buyer) perspective and playbook
  • Negotiation tactics and the underlying psychology behind them
  • What to expect psychologically/ emotionally and how to best prepare
  • Things that can be done today to make your business more valuable/ sellable

Seller Advisory

Vigorously representing owners in the sale of their business to maximize both value and fit

Sale Readiness

Addressing value detractors and executing strategies most valued by the markets to maximize sales price

Growth Through Acquisition 

Enabling growth through acquisitions through a comprehensive corporate development solution