There comes a time in the life of many companies when an infusion of new capital or the addition of a strategic equity partner may be the right decision. There are a variety of reasons for seeking debt or equity funding, including:

  • Infuse capital for business growth
  • Buyout of partners or family members
  • Obtain liquidity for personal uses
  • Remove personal guarantees from current financing

We assist family-business owners in navigating this complex process and making well-informed decisions. We also selectively invest our own capital into opportunities aligned with our experience, competencies, and values.

Investment Criteria

Our investment philosophy is based on patience – creating sustainable value over time, rather than quick, speculative profits.

Although we have deep operational experience, we do not take over daily management of our holdings. Instead, we serve as a collaborative partner by supporting management as active board members and by providing supplemental resources, such as financial planning, lender negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and succession planning.

Our alignment of interests provides a strong foundation for sustainable operational and financial performance.

Sector Focus

  • Business Services
  • Distribution
  • Industrial Dealerships
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Niche Manufacturing

Financial Metrics

  • U.S. based
  • Family or founder-owned business
  • $2 – $10MM in profit
  • Stable operating margins

Deal Structure

  • Value-oriented owners seeking flexible options
  • Owners looking to retire or obtain liquidity
  • Seeking long-term capital
  • Buyouts staged over time

Virtual Buyout 

Owners can retire without having to sell or lose control of their business, by transferring operations to McCombie Group

Direct Investment

Backed by our family offices, we selectively invest in businesses where we have experience and can build enduring value


Enabling growth through acquisitions through a comprehensive corporate development solution